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Halo 4 cover revealed, fans collectively change their pants

| May 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

The last time we saw Master Chief, he was placing himself in cryo after being marooned somewhere in deep space after saving the world. “Wake me if you need me” were his last words to Cortana as Halo 3 ended. In the teaser we got at E3 last year, Cortana was waking him out of cryo, yelling to him, “John, I need you!”. Master Chief was back, presumably for three more installments.

Over the last few days, 343 Studios have been putting out clues to the cover of Halo 4’s box art on Halo Waypoint. Users put the pieces together and presented here is the cover art for Halo 4 which drops on November 6.

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